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AXXIS official video clip taken from the album RETROLUTION

The AXXIS video clip of the single  "SOMEBODY DIED AT THE PARTY" was released by PHONOTRAXX PUBLISHING !
Recorded by Adrian Doll.

V.I.P. tickets available

exclusively available on www.axxis.de

Order now a very limited and exclusive V.I.P. online ticket for AXXIS "RETROLUTION" Tour 2017! For 30,-€ you'll get:

  • Experience AXXIS during their soundcheck (about 14:00-15:00 pm) and be a part of the preparation before the show.
  • Nightliner walkthrough. Look how we live on tour. We'll guide you through our tour bus.
  • You are allowed to come into the venue before the show to take your personal pictures with AXXIS and join the meet & greet!
  • You get 25% discount for all merchandising items - BUT only until 18 oclock, than you have to leave the venue until the beginning of the show.

ATTENTION! Only persons with a valid, regular ticket of the show are allowed to buy a V.I.P. online ticket. This special VIP Onlineticket will be offered exclusively here on this webpage for our visitors and fans only. The venue must be left before "doors open"at about 18clock. 

Just write a mail to HARRY how many tickets you want to order. He will sent our bank transfer data via mail! So please give us a valid email adress with your real name! Thanxx:-) 


We are proud to announce a new AXXIS release called "RETROLUTION". After the release date at the 24th, February 2017,  RETROLUTION will be available as a limited vinyl record and a limited DIGIPAC edition.
Label PHONOTRAXX Publishing and distribution SOULFOOD.

From now on you can preorder the CD für 17,-€ +5€ shipping costs within Europe and you'll get it BEFORE official relase date! If you want to buy the AXXIS book plus RETROLUTION CD it only 40,-€!! we won't add any shipping costs within Europe!
Just write an email to HARRY or press the next buttons. 



Again it's time to go on tour.
2.-6.2.2017     US - 70000 tons of metal crusie
15.03.2017     D - Aschaffenburg / Colos-Saal*
16.03.2017     D - Siegburg / Kubana*
17.03.2017     D - Essen / Turock*
18.03.2017     D - Mannheim / 7er*
19.03.2017     D - Bruchsal / Fabrik*      
23.03.2017     D - München / Backstage**
24.03.2017     D - Burgrieden / Riffelhof**
25.03.2017     D - Markneukirchen / Framus & Warwick Music Hall**
27.03.2017     D - Nürnberg / Hirsch**
28.03.2017     D - Augsburg / Spectrum**
29.03.2017     AT- Nassfeld / Mountain Stage
30.03.2017     AT- Nassfeld / Full Metal Tent
31.03.2017     D - Geiselwind / Live Music Hall**
01.04.2017     D - Bad Friedrichshall / Rockfabrik**
02.04.2017     D - Burglengenfeld / VAZ**
25.04.2017     D - Bremen / Meisenfrei ***
26.04.2017     D - Berlin / Nuke Club ***
27.04.2017     D - Hamburg / Logo ***
15.07.2017     D - Balingen / Bang your head Festival
30.09.2017     D - Lünen / Lükaz

Tickets are available on www.eventim.de/axxis

AXXIS: "Eine Nacht im Theater!"

exclusivley available only here on www.axxis.de

Because of the 675 anniversary of Luenen in 2016, the traditional AXXIS sold out show in the venue Lükaz had taken place in the legendary old Heinz-Hilpert-Theater exceptionally .

Because of this very special event AXXIS released a foto dokumentation with the story of Julia Braun called "Eine Nacht im Theater!"

In collaboration with Holger Kliemannel (Edition Roter Drache), Julia Braun (fotos & story) and Jörg Müller (fotos) Bernhard organized and produced the first AXXIS Book.  RELEASE DATE : 24th, February 2017!

NOW you can pre-order the book here for 25,-€ + 5€ shipping costs within Europe.
If you want to buy the book plus RETROLUTION CD it will cost only 40,-€!! We won't add any shipping costs within Europe!
Just write an email to HARRY or press the next buttons. 

Culture award for Bernhard

What an October 2016.
The AXXIS show in the legendary Heinz-Hilpert Theater, the call of the mayor of Lünen one week later and the future of the LÜKAZ in Lünen after they've kicked Martin Raudszus who is responsible for the success story of this venue.

Here is the  reason why the mayor called Bernhard:
Vocalist Bernhard Weiss was rewarded with the culture award for his musical accomplishments and his outstanding work with the local youths in his hometown of Lünen. Setting an example, that not only classical music can be rewarded for their achievements.

AXXIS Bernhard Weiss Weiß

AXXIS & fans donate for LOVEPARADE

Im 2015 AXXIS decided to offer all people on the guestlist to donate a self-chosen amount for the Loveparade foundation called Duisburg 24-7-2010. This foundation helps and supports relatives and victims in a long term. 

The result of the AXXIS collection is 700,-€. 

THANXX to everybody: All fans, guests, journalists and photographers who donated for this idea. Harry and Bernhard presented the money in May 2016 directly to the foundation in front of the city hall of Duisburg.

Since AXXIS have written their song "21 crosses" regarding the Loveparade tragedy the band is in contact with the relatives and the foundation. In 2014 they have played on the commemoration for the Loveparade tragedy. 

Bernhard:" We will never forget this very emotional day when we've plaved in front of all affected parents and people concerned. Till this moment I was not aware of the feedback we've got, how deep our song touched the people. They appreciate this kind of musical memorial for the victims and we - especially as a rockband- are very proud to this very emotional response!"

So, donate again whenever you want: Foundation website 


AXXIS are looking forward to cooperation with filmmaker Rene Zimmerman who wants to produce a movie called SEVEN-DEVILS - an independent project with an outstanding story and high-class pictures.

Two like- minded artists are working together to create a great movie with atmospheric picture and a powerful story.

Bernhard: "We have seen parts of the film and we're really impressed by the quality and the story: This is what the Ruhr area (our home) needs, an authentic, incredibly exciting and atmospheric cinema movie!

We also working with our own label and our band independently. So this fits perfectly together. To support this great but very expensive project, the Seven Devils need support by our fans. 

This is our first experience with crowdfundig and if you want to see AXXIS music in a great cinema movie support us!"

Seven Devils Homepage


On the occasion of  the "Rock and Pop in the Ruhr Area" presentation in Ruhrmuseum Essen, AXXIS have given some interesting exhibits. The award of the bestselling hardrock debut album, Berny's Kingdom of the night guitar ,etc. The presentation will take place untill 28th, February 2017.
UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein
Areal A [Schacht XII]
Kohlenwäsche [A14]
Gelsenkirchener Straße 181
45309 Essen

official AXXIS homepage

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