AXXIS Retrolution

NEW Blu-ray & NEW Double CD

Blu-Ray will be released at 9th, August 2019 and the double CD will be released at 15th, November 2019 on Phonotraxx via Soulfood distribution

With numerous festivals both at home and abroad (including their first time in Russia) as well as an anniversary tour in selected cities and two big anniversary concerts in Memmingen and Bochum, Axxis will celebrate their thirtieth anniversary. The first Blu-ray of the band's history "Bang Your Head With AXXIS" as well as the new double CD "Best Of EMI-Years" to be released within a few weeks of the latter part of summer.

In 1988, after the submission of one single demo, the band AXXIS was signed to the major company EMI Electrola. Their debut "Kingdom Of The Night", released in 1989 in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and the USA, immediately sold more than 100,000 copies, and to this day found almost a quarter of a million buyers. 

"Axxis II" was similarly successful in 1990, and a year later the band followed up with their live high energy show recordings "Access All Areas". The ambitious "The Big Thrill" album also became a big seller in 1993 with the single "Stay Don't Leave Me". 

This album marked an important breakthrough in the quintet's career. Produced by Joey Balin (Warlock, Soulsister, etc.) and recorded in Philadelphia, it was the band's first international production.

The album "Matters Of Survival" was recorded in 1995 in Los Angeles with Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, Whitesnake, Foreigner, Scorpions, etc.), as a producer. 

Last but not least, AXXIS still explicitly see themselves as a live band. At the ideal gig, as Bernhard Weiss once put it, his own hands would have to glow. "It's just the best way to play your music," Weiss said, "just because you're directly in front of your fans." The performances in front of 30,000 at "Rock am Ring" and "Wacken" 2008 was of course, one of the personal highlights for AXXIS! So were the performances at the "70,000 Tons Of Metal" cruise in the Caribbean (2017) or at the gigantic "Masters Of Rock" festival in the Czech Republic.  

Reorienting oneself over and over again is a principle that the Hard Rock troop from the Ruhr area has internalized since their early days. Whether on the already mentioned works or on the albums and EPs "Voodoo Vibes" ( '97), "Back To The Kingdom" ( '00), "Collection Of Power" ( '00), "Eyes Of Darkness" ( '01), "Time Machine" ( '04), "Paradise In Flames" ( '06), the special compilation "Ballads & Acoustic Specials" ( , "Doom Of Destiny" ( 07) , "Utopia" ( 09) of the live DVD and live CD "20 Years Of AXXIS" ( 11) or the current cover album "reDISCOver(ed)" ( 12): AXXIS have always taken great pride in avoiding repeating themselves. 

In January 2014 two new albums were released under the banner "Kingdom Of The Night 2" (number 28 in the German charts) and in March and April of the same year the band went on a big tour for the band’s 25th anniversary. This ended in the sold-out Bochum Zeche. The memorable evening was recorded on CD and DVD formats "25 Years Of Rock And Power". The penultimate studio album "Retrolution" again entered the German charts at number 36.  

The current work "Monster Hero" also charted of course and together with its sometimes astonishingly critical text concept and the very successful tour including some sold-out shows paved the way for the celebrations that the band celebrated for their 30th birthday in 2019.  

Of course, AXXIS also have their fundamental solid musical basis. Firmly rooted in traditional heavy rock of the seventies and eighties, they have found their own style over the past three decades, which can be best described as immensely catchy melodies a la "Living In A World". The anthem of their debut is still regarded as the highlight of every gig and a prime example of the typical AXXIS song. Bernhard's distinctive vocal style is also another absolute trademark characteristic that makes AXXIS unmistakable. But, the superstructure of this formula is always different. The stability is due to the fact that they are sympathetic guys.



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