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Hi everybody, I'm really proud to present my first solo album called "ROCK CHANSONS" to you. Usually I hate solo projects especially from singers. But the corona pandemic inspired me to try something completely different. The challenge was to do exactly the opposite of what I usually do. Usually I need a band, amplifiers, drums, a loud and powerful sound etc.  ...
This time only a voice + a piano = rock chansons ...that's it!
Nobody else was involved on this record ... it's  a solo album literally ! :-)


The 3rd video clip of Bernhard's "ROCK CHANSONS" !

You can order the whole album directly from Bernhard for 22, -EUR including shipping within Europe. ..AND!! ...You'll get a signed autograph card too!

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The 2nd video clip of Bernhard's "ROCK CHANSONS" will be released on Sunday, May 16 at 5 pm. The song is called "ALWAYS A LIGHT"!

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On April, 29th at 5pm Phonotraxx released a video clip from "Will the world trust in me?", the first single taken from the album "ROCK CHANSONS" by Bernhard Weiss. Share it ! :-)


Bernhard published a teaser on the AXXIS YouTube channel for the AXXIS fans. Now you can listen to his first solo album.

If you like it, you can order the CD + signed autograph card directly from him. Price including shipping 22 EUR within Europe.


Solo Album by Bernhard Weiss + personal autograph card

Only here you can pre-order the "Rock Chansons" CD + signed autograph card directly from Bernhard via Phonotraxx / PayPal. This is a limited offer to only 500 CD's.
Please make sure that your PayPal data, like delivery address etc., are up-to-date!
You will get the solo album BEFORE the official release  May 7th, 2021. ... that's up to your post company.

Price incl. shipping costs European wide (but outside of Germany):
22, -EUR.

Bernhard Weiss _ Rock Chansons
Bernhard Weiss Rock chansons cover


Phonotraxx presents Bernhard's first solo album called "Rock Chansons"
- release date: 07th, May 2021

Bernhard Weiss - Rock Chansons - The most unusual album of his career will be released on May 7th

Luenen - "Why not just do the opposite of what you usually do?" AXXIS frontman Bernhard Weiss thought by himself. What initially began as a metal gimmick will now be released on May 7th via Soulfood Music as the most unusual album in the singer's career.
Bernhard Weiss has remained true to it - even if he dares to venture into completely new musical territory. Without a loud band or fat production, just himself with the piano and again much more emotional and personal lyrics than with AXXIS, the songs still reflect 100% the handwriting of the charismatic musician. Last but not least, he also processes the past months with his rock chansons. In them everything was a bit quieter, calmer and different than usual. ...

And in spite of this, or perhaps because of it, Bernhard's Rock Chansons project is already making waves: the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has given him a scholarship for the idea.

The Lünen native proved that the name Bernhard Weiss has always stood for creative scene enrichment, not least with his theater project a few years ago at the State Theater of Swabia. “The idea of the chansons has actually been floating around in my head since then,” he reveals. “Up to now I knew chansons mainly from French films. You know Edit Piaf or Charles Aznavour, but how does that sound to me? The theater gave me the impetus at the time. "

At the beginning of the year, Bernhard Weiss set about turning the impulse into a concrete idea. The work on this is also an absolute novelty for him in terms of the process. “There was no guitar, no band and no feedback. Except from Harry, who kept listening and helping me with the piano, ”describes Bernhard. “I had never used a piano for songwriting before. I usually use my acoustic guitar for this. Recording and mixing was also a challenge! The few tracks, the self-sung choirs, the vocals, etc. all had much more space than in a rock production. You could record and mix much more "airily". "

Because the album was made almost single-handedly by Bernhard, it has become a very personal one and reveals the musician's thoughts and feelings that he had during this time. Limited contact, left to yourself, letting your thoughts run free - those were the main triggers that Bernhard Weiß “Maybe the album is even a reflection in the souls of many people who, like me, have to survive at this time”. 
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